Battle Scars: A true story told in third person

Ren and Aya looked at each other nervously eager to escape the howling apes but at the same time not anxious to go forward onto the infamous Street of Terror. The brave warrior Ren grinned at her friend Aya as they set out on the dangerous trail which taunted them silently. The howling apes behind them urged them onward. Ren called out “I’m gonna win.” but her bluff was made known as Aya sped past her friend focused on the end of the trail and safety. Ren ran faster in an attempt to catch up but her foot got caught in the viscous and hateful road and she toppled head over heels catching herself mere centimeters before reaching the end of the trail. She struggled in a fierce battle with the accursed street before managing to stand. The howling apes screamed louder and she got up and continued to the end of the trail not noticing the blood spilling from her arms and legs. At the end of the trail a woman stood and exclaimed worriedly “Ren you’re bleeding!”

“I am?” Ren asked surprised before looking down. “I am!”

“Ren do you have a concussion?” the woman asked.

“Of course not Coach. I’m too awesome to get a concussion. My head didn’t even hit the ground!” Ren smiled.

“You should still go to the Clinic, Aya will go with you.” the Coach asserted.

“Ok.” Ren responds easily.

“Are you ok?” Aya asks.

“Of course I’m okay. I’ve just got new battle scars to add to my collection! But one things for sure; I hate fitness testing!”

Oh, the joy of being a clutz.


One thought on “Battle Scars: A true story told in third person

  1. I love how you called the people around “apes,” because that’s exactly what they are lol. At first it took me a second, but a few sentences into the story I remember you telling this story last week! I liked how you made the beginning of the story seem terrifying and then the end humorous. 🙂

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