Depressing thoughts and Genius Songs

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt as if you knew everyone there but didn’t really know anyone and no one really knew you? You could put a name to more than half the faces and rattle off information about all of them but weren’t comfortable enough to actually approach them and talk to them? Have you ever felt that everyone talking to you didn’t actually care about what you were saying and were just humoring you? Isn’t this a really depressing way of beginning a blog?

Trying not to be a downer I thought about posting the song I am writing It goes like this:

Elephants and Ostrichs,

Tap dancing and pretty lights

Elephants and Ostrichs,

Fill my dreams tonight

Fill my dreams tonight, fill my dreams tonight

Elephants and ostrichs fill my dreams tonight.


One thought on “Depressing thoughts and Genius Songs

  1. I love the song! And before the song, about knowing everyone but not really knowing them…that’s exactly how it is in high school, right? It’s too bad isn’t it?

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