Fighting the Fog: A true story told in first person

I stood aboard my little sailboat looking for the lighthouse. The fog was ridicuosly thick and the fierce winds did nothing to disiapate it but tossed my boat back and forth. The wind and waves kept me confused and the fog kept all land from sight. I heard a voice calling “Ren. Are you alright?” I grabbed my notebook, my only contact to the rest of the world and wrote my reply shakly while trying to fight the storm.Can’t speak good. Confused. Think I had episode. “Why didn’t Mr. O do something?” my friend asked anxiously. Episode wasn’t easy to see. Teacher didn’t know. “You should go to the Clinic.” Can’t go home. Midge tutor. What she said next I couldn’t understnd. The waves roared, the winds howled and her voice was lost in the storm. Apologeticly I write MIND STORM. BRAIN MUDDLED. TIRED. She asks if I want to go to the clinic now or wait. I reply I’ll wait. She tells me to go the clinic now or the clinic while my sister is at tutoring. I reply Your right. AFTER SCHOOL I’ll go to Clinic. Talk to Midge 1st, Rest in clinic before we go. I put my pencil down and ride the storm trying to find a solution in my little boat. Eureka! I discover an old foglight. I pick up my pencil and write. Got an idea to clear the fog!  I then put my pencil down and pick up my foglight letting the light pour out.  The waves die down and dissapates.  The water dries up and my library appears.  My stories come to life.  My face lights up and I turn to Cam.  “I don’t need to go to the clinic now.  The storms cleared.”  Cam fills me in on what I missed and History finishes like usual, with laughter and jokes.


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