Abosolutely Positively True Fictional Autobiography Chapter 1 The Leperchauns

I, Ren Nolastname was born in a  little village in Ireland where the inhabitants were less than less then a meter tall. My Mum was 48.26 cm and my dad was 53.34 cm. I lived my life happily but was a wee bit too curious for my own good. My parents were headed over to the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow to make sure no human had found it yet. I on the otherhand stayed home to practice magic. I made myself a growth potion. It was perfectlly made and unfortunately worked perfectly as well. My family returned to find I was taller than my village. The tallest building in my village, the town hall, didn’t rise above my waist. There was no way for me to get into any village and no way to reverse the potions effects. I was banished from my village and my mum cried as I left and my dad looked grim as I waved goodbye. I ventured into the world on my own at thirteen years of age.


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