WARNING!!! Entering Semi-New Territory

Okay, earlier today I asked Midget to pick a number between 1 and 335. I told her that her choice could affect the direction of my blog. She chose the number 2. This number was connected to one of my fanfiction ideas. So, I said to myself “Can I really do fanfiction on a blog?” My best friend Cam’s voice rang in my head “You can do whatever you want with your blog.” I researched other blogs and found that other people had fanfiction on their blogs so … I have decided that in addition to my true stories, my almost true stories, my fictional stories, my musings, my poems and songs, and my random nonsense . I may post fanfiction as well. I just thought I’d warn you about that. I have millions of stories and thoughts begging to be written and some of them are fanfiction. My next entry will be fanfiction, Just wanted to give you all a heads up.


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