A Muddled Mess of Truth and Fiction: Codenames part 1

Codenames. A very interesting issue. They can change depending on who you are with. To Ace, I.C., Queenie, and Empress, I’m Joker, Dork, or Nut. To Moony, I’m Crystal. To Midget, I’m Gigit, or Sissy. To my Overlord’s I’m Ren. The creating of these codenames were very interesting indeed…

I got the codename Ren first but it is just a shortening of a too long name. Sissy was a name just given to me because I’m her sister. Gigit…now that’s a story but to understand that you need to understand how Midget became Midget.

We were 11 and 9. I was attending the secret hidden Evergladis School for Hidden Powers. I met a girl there who’s codename is Rea. She was friends with kids half her age due to their families alliance. She called them little people. I thought that was hillarious. I had turned to her “Really? You call them little people?”

“Yeah.” she responded “They’re little kids.” I grinned and decided from now on any kid two years younger than me or younger was a midget but my beloved little sister would be THE Midget or just Midget. The story continues when to when we were 14 and 11. I became friends with a boy whose codename shall be Taco…Yeah strange but it works….

Taco and I were hanging out one day and my sister was bothering me as little sisters do. “Go away Midget!!!” I growled.

Taco laughed and grinned “You call her Midget?”

“Yup. She will forever be a Midget even when she is 6 feet tall.” I say with a determined nod for emphasis.

“Nice.” and the next day he saw my sister and shouted “Hey Midget!”

That summer we were at a training camp and my friend Ara called my sister’s best friend Small Midget because she was both younger and shorter than my beloved little sister. This name got shortened to Smidget. Smidget and Midget began building a team of midgets and christening them with names based off the word Midget. One thing led to another and they decided I was their leader and christened me Gigit. What was I to do? I accepted the codename and am still called that by my sister.


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