Christmas Time at the Potter House

Disclaimer: If you read HP you’ll know which are inspired by JK Rowling and which one’s are pure Ren’s Imagination but if my characters are a little out of character so be it: this is my writing not JK’s, my Universe not JK’s. I own this story JK just inspired me.

“Crystal! Wake up it’s Christmas!” my brother shouted excitedly as he ran in my room. I grinned at him and slipped out of bed.

“Do you think Mum got me the music player I wanted?” I ask anxiously.

“Who cares? I just hope Dad got me the new Firebolt!” Harry says getting a dreamy look on his face thinking of the ridiculously fast and dangerous broom. We ran downstairs and into the family room where the tree stood surrounded by presents. We eagerly dived in searching through the presents under the watchful eyes of our parents.

“Uncle Padfoot, Uncle Moony, Rom, Patrick,  Saphire!? Saphire’s coming!?” I shout annoyed.

“You were so excited when you heard your Uncle Sev was coming” Mum said amused. “What, did you think he’d leave his daughter behind?”

“…I kinda figured she was coming but I blocked it from my mind.” I said frowning.

“Well, you better remember to behave and no fighting. I don’t want a repeat of last year.” Mum says sternly.

A brief image of torn drapery and broken vases along with the Christmas dinner in flames filled my mind.

“…The pizza was pretty good….” I say sheepishly.

Before my Mum can reprimand me we hear the door open. “Merry Christmas!” came the familliar voice of my Uncle Padfoot. “Where’s the presents?” he asks as  he bounded in, reminiscnt of his animagious form, with his wife shaking her head fondly.

“Your as bad as the kids!” Seana calls to her husband, and proving her words to be true, her three sons, Remus, Romulus andPatrick, raced after their father, and dived into the presents.

“No one is opening the presents until everyone gets here.” My mum calls.

“Aw man!” the seven childen (dads included) whined.

Remus Black whined “That’s so not fair!”

“Sadly, it is,” I sigh. Remus Black was one of my best friends. He and Sirius Lupin were named after drunken, half-joking promises made by thier dads, which were witnessed by thier mischevious, sober, pregnant mums. Go figure!

Thankfully our wait was ended swiftly as the rest of our “Pack” arrived. Uncle Moony and Aunt Dora walked in trailed by thier two sons Sirius and Teddy. The Snape family was not far behind and all the kids looked at their parents (or wives) for approval before the presents began flying.

“Yes! Mum you are the best!” I shouted as I showed my new Magitech music player to Remus. Before opening up a present from Remus and Rommulus, which was, to my surprise, a book. It was titled Spellcrafting and You by Airick Walders. While sounding like an interesting read it confused me but then Remus came over and whispered “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” and the cover shimmered to reveal a new book, The Ultimate Prankster Handbook by The Marauders and Progeny.  Now, that was more like it.

“Sweet!” I grinned.

“Yeah, it has all of the Marauders pranks recorded as well as how to carry them out, all of their favorite jokes and insults and room to record our own.” Rommulus grinned. “See, we can share it with the rest of the gang and when we leave Hogwarts and have mischief makers of our own we pass it onto them who pass it onto their children, who pass it on to their children: as long as they prove themselves to be true mischief makers.”

“Orgainzed Prankdom.” I said trying to pull of a Percy-Weasley-like aire and continue. “Absolutely necessary for Hogwart’s survival.”

“Of course.” Remus agreed with a nod before a disapproving voice was heard behind us.

“Oh, grow up you two. Pranks are juvenile, talent wasting and pathetic attempts to gain attention.” Saphire said with her signature scowl.

“Whatever you say, Saphire. I’m not going to let anything you say today rile me up. I’m going to be the better woman and try to not fry the Christmas dinner.” I said calmly, though in my mind I was hexing a replica of Saphire gleefully. Harry raised an eybrow at me. Remus’ jaw dropped. Sirius gave me a skeptical look over his newest book.  Rommulus outright laughed and Patrick and Teddy gave identical disappointed groans.

“We wanted pizza!” Patrick and Teddy complained.

“It was good.” I said and the not-quite-twins nodded hyperly.

“Well I’d rather turkey.” a voice says from behind me and I jumped before turning around and sheepishly grinning at my dad.

“Is the turkey ready Dad?” Harry asked.

“Yes, so come on let’s eat!” Dad said and we all walked after him. Dinner was relatively calm. Everyone sat down and served themseleves. No explosions, no hexes and only mild insults were shouted. Ooops, typed too soon!

“How dare you, ya bloody ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!” a nail growth hex was sent across the table and hexes were flying. The Potter’s house elf cook came out levitating ahuge freshly cooked turkey beside her. Unfortunately, a mild incencido was sent her way.

“NO MY TURKEY!!!!!!!”


2 thoughts on “Christmas Time at the Potter House

  1. That was brilliant! Spectacular! Disastrous! … Wait, disastrous? 😉 Terrific work, Crystal, just needs a bit more of Sev!

    1. I know Moony, I just was a bit focused on the kids. That’s kind of why I was a little disappointed with it. But, it was fun. Hey, I can write more stories in this world if you want. Just let me know which of my many stories should take priority in my blog. Input = Awesomeness!

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