Apple Versus Dog Part 1

Weeks, maybe months ago week took a practice test in English class. First, we took it by ourselves, then we voted on the answers in small groups, and then were showed the correct answers by the teacher. I decided that instead of A, B, C, D, and E. The choices would be dubbed Apple, Bird, Cat, Dog, and Elephant. When coming to one question I was adamant that the answer was Apple but my groupmates (Ace, I.C. and two others) told me no the answer was Dog. Actually, they told me “Our Dog eats your Apple.” I stubbornly retorted “You’ll see. My Apple shall poison your dumb Dog.” I was wrong and while disappointed I thought that was the end of it.

Today, the old arguement had arisn in a new and more interesting form. While my English class discussed the differences between texting, emailing, and calling people: my friend Ace and I passed notes which looked a little like this…(ME, ACE)

Calling is better.

Texting is better.

My dog eats your apple. I win!

My apple poisons your dog. I win!

I give my dog the antidote. I win!

My apple’s eviler twin kills your dog. I win!

Karai comes and my dog undies, and shoots your apple of William Tell’s head with an arrow Ha!

It happened to be Miracle Day and the arrow fell out of my apple to reveal a perfectly formed shiny apple. It choked your dog at the end of my Miracle Day. Haha!

Oh, so it mutated and grew arms? Interesting… But it wouldn’t be able to stop the penguin pitcher mistaking it for a baseball, throwing it to the badger batter, and having the bat smash it open so that the seeds fell to the ground the day after Miracle Day! Ha!

The seeds grow into a Whomping Willow/ Apple Tree hybrid and bludger your dog! Beat that!

My dog finds the weak spot and gets George Weasley to restrain it wondering all the while where Fred is.

Fred hexed George with a tickling hex and my tree continues to bludgeon your dog.

Grawp mistakes the tree for a twig and throws it for my dog to fetch George , meanwhile curses Fred with a goldfish bowl (complete with a goldfish and goldfish water) on his head, thus ending the tickling hex.

An apple falls from the tree onto George and knocking him unconsious, freeing Fred, and then my apple creates an apple-like bomb which your foolish dog eats and blows up! I WIN!!!!!


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