True Story: A Lesson In Momentum

I sped down the cobblestone pursuing Moony at top speed. She had challenged me to a race which I most obviously had to accept. I knew I was fast but Moony was faster. I glared at her ponytail in the distance determined to catch up. I accelerated faster and faster but the door, the door. I hadn’t seen it before. Moony ducked past it and into the room it heralded. I kept going, my brakes failing me. THUNK!!!!!! My head crashed against the door. Creaaaak. The door was unhinged and I looked at the now angular door with a look of pure horror. Laughter was heard from my friends Doctor and Bane.

“Why didn’t you stop?” Doctor asked smirking.

“I didn’t see the dumb door.” I scowled.

“Why didn’t you turn?” Bane asked laughing.

“Like I said, I didn’t see the dumb door. I couldn’t turn or stop!” I shouted irritated.

Mr. Mario stood in front of the door. “Be careful. I don’t want you to hurt the door more than you did already.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt the door!” I whined embarassed and if that wasn’t bad enough I walked into the hang out room and got called out by Mr. Apple Jacks.

“Watch out everyone! It’s the terminator!” he called teasingly.

Eventually, I had to laugh. It was pretty funny and definately was a hands on lesson in momentum.



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