Apple vs. Dog part 2

When we last left left our heroes my poor, poor dog had just been blown to pieces by a bomb disguised as Ren’s evil, maniacal apple while apple laughs at dog’s remains what will dog do next?

Dog’s parts combine together to reform upon which my dog appprehends your apple and locks it away where the sun doesn’t shine; thus, it won’t be able to find its way out, especially because I threw away the key.

Unfortunately for you, I have a Super Magnet keyed to your key’s magnetic signature. My apple can see the sun again!

Question, what if it’s a total lunar/solar eclipse or I steal the sun? Either way, I explode your magnet and put your apple on a rocket set to launch to Pluto! Unfortunately, your apple, Ren, has only enough money for a one way ticket.

Unfortunately for both of us you miscalculated and my apple landed on the moon. The Inhumans didn’t take kindly to my applkebeingin thier territory and they kicked my apple back to Earth.

If they kicked it all the way they must be football players. However, I have the pitching penguinand the batting badger on my side! The penguin found your apple and the badger batted your apple back at the Inhumans. Thus, engaging your apple in a game of solar system villyball which your apple is unlikely to survive! Let me check in, yep, my dog’s laughing now!

Medusa hit my apple directly at your dog and knocked it unconcious. My apple is dancing on your dog’s sitll body.

Ah, but my dog is only unconcious, not dead! And your apple grew legs and can dance? I thought that was the ostriches. But, oh well.My dog has riends in high places. Suddenly a flock of passing fruit bats, seeing their friend the dog, in trouble, fly noiselessly down brhind your apple. Your apple pauses with one foot in the air sensing something is wrong (and looking quite comical). They snap! Your apple has gone to feed the fruit bats. Whatever happened to your tree by the way?

My tree roars in outrage (yes, roars). It knocks your dog and your baseball sized bats to the moon. The Inhumans chip into beat your evil apple-eating dog up!

Your tree having no brain, just made a grave tactical error! It knocked my dog and his bats to the secret NASA lunar base! Now my dog (without the bats; we sent them back home) is preparing to assail your apple tree with an army of robots, each armed with a myriad of weapons including (but not limited to; this is just the basic kit) a feather duster (for tickling), bannana peels (for slipping), and an apple corer (what do you think?) We sail soon!

My apple calls his best friend Talon for assistance who comes and blows up your lunar base and escaping his awesome cat skills!


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