To See The Beginning

To See the Beginning

Kalan shied away from the light, shielding his eyes. He checked his suit making sure it was in perfect condition. He looked over to find his brother, Lucas, doing the same. His routine check finished Kalan looked about him. “We’ve made it. Good work Lucas.”

“Did you ever doubt me, bro?” Lucas said with a laugh.

“Of course not Lucas, you have never given me reason to doubt. We have done something previously thought possible only in science fiction. We have traveled in time!” Kalan’s brown hair fell into his face as he looked around.

“Remember Bro, it’s more than that, we’ve traveled to the beginning of time itself!”

Kalan didn’t acknowledge Lucas’s words in favor of looking about him. Darkness was everywhere, everywhere except the bubble of light that emitted from their suits. Dust from their suits swirled about them. “Maybe we’ve gone too far. Nothing’s happening.”

“Patience, we must wait.” Kalan said maneuvering his suit to allow him to sit.

“Wait. I can do that.” Lucas copied Kalan’s position and sat still. The dust from their suits continued to swirl.  Lucas shifted nervously, his sea blue eyes darting around. He quickly grew bored of the endless waiting. Eventually his mind strayed, as it often does, to peppermints. He opened up a pouch in his bag, realizing belatedly that he didn’t know how to get it into his mouth. The peppermint floated out into the emptiness.

“You imbecile! We cannot contaminate this time stream. We are meant to be observers, leaving no trace of our being here.” Kalan growled, his forest green eyes flashing behind his glasses and transparent helmet.

“Wake up bro! Dust from our suits is everywhere! Besides, no one will know. We can do whatever we want and no one will stop us. Watch.” Lucas pulled out a bottle of water and threw it around. Putting pressure on it, he shot the water at the peppermint. “Bulls eye!”

All of a sudden, a strange hissing noise is heard. “Lucas! The extra containers of oxygen are leaking!”

“Our jet packs have been spewing carbon dioxide…”

“It can’t be…”

Lucas smirked, “Just had fire…”

Kalan pulled out his lighter looking at it with wonder. “Is this it then? The secret to the beginning of the universe? What if we change the fate of the universe with our acts?” He thought of their dear departed father, their mother and stepfather, their siblings, his students and colleagues, their bookstore, Lucas’s current girlfriend, his beloved cat, everything they knew and loved. Could this be the end of all that they’ve known? By their acts everything they knew may never exist in the first place. Without their acts nothing may exist.

“There is only one way to know for sure, bro. Let’s bring some light to this place.” Lucas said smirking. Kalan nodded his mouth set in resignation; he flicked the lighter open and lighted it. The air lit up and Lucas grabbed his brother’s arm with one hand, the other quickly entered the codes for their return trip. They left not a moment too soon and their exit was echoed by a bang. A big bang.

Arriving in the back room of their book shop, the brothers collapsed on each other in relieved laughter. “I can’t believe it! We started the big bang with peppermint and a lighter!” Lucas laughs.

“There were more ingredients than a simple peppermint and lighter, Lucas, but I understand. I too, feel as if I cannot believe what we just experienced actually occurred despite the evidence which proves otherwise.”

“Nobody’s gonna believe us.” Lucas said taking of his helmet, the blue streak in his hair fell into his eyes before he brushed it back.

“That is why we mustn’t tell anyone.” Kalan said, his pale hands struggling a bit with his own helmet.

“Well, I have a date with Rhiannon tonight so I better go wash up.”

“I must take my leave. I have a class to teach soon.”

“Don’t treat those kids too hard.”

“I find it funny that you call my students kids, most of them are older than yourself.”

“Older than I you say? I have seen the beginning of the universe!” The two brothers parted, both thinking the same thing. We have answered an age old question and cannot tell a soul.


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