Madam Leperchaun President Part 2

Madam Leperchaun sat on her throne looking about her office in smug happiness. Her plan was working perfectly. Now, all she had to do was hire the ostrich hitmen and supply them with the necessary duct tape and string to do their jobs. She reached up to her phone and dialed the number swiftly. NYC-TAP-DANC. “Hello, this is Oprah Ostrich at New York City Tap Dancing.”

“Oh, cut the kraft! You are the Ostrich Hitmen are you not?” Laney Leperchaun asks bluntly.

“Hmm…who’s asking?” Oprah responds neutrally.

“A potential customer.”

“Who do you want dead?”

“No one. I need you to kidnap the world leaders, excluding the ever glorious Madam Leperchaun.”

“That’ll take a lot of work. Do you have duct tape and string?”

“Loads of it. In all colors.”

“This’ll be fun!”


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