Endless Shades of Grey

A.N. This is a little fanfiction I wrote a while back. It’s dying to be continued but its giving me trouble. I thought I’d get your opinions on it.

“We don’t know who the Marauders are but we have a feeling Lunessance does.” Fred told Harry,

“She said the Marauders would only reveal themselves to their heir… hey maybe you’re the heir, I mean you’re already the boy-who-lived!” George continued with a wink.

“I’m not the heir!” Harry growled certain that his parents could never have made a pranksters map. Pranksters were troublemakers and his parents were Head Girl and Head Boy, they stopped trouble not caused it.

“Now are you sure about that Harrykins?” Fred smirked.

“Yeah, you can’t know for sure.” George continues.

“How do I prove you stupid gits wrong?” Harry scowled looking at the old parchment.

“Just tap the map with your wand and say your name.” Fred grins handing the parchment to him. Harry does as Fred says feeling stupider by the minute knowing this was probably another one of the twins’ jokes but as he spoke his name a picture appeared. The picture had 6 teenagers lounging around.

One of the teens, a wavy black haired boy looked up and exclaims joyfully “It’s a Prongslet!”

Another of the teens, this one a messy black haired boy prompts Harry “Who’re your parents kid?”

“James and Lily Potter.” Harry replies quietly.

“Wahoo! I got Lily! I got Lily!” the boy, evidently a young James Potter, yelled as he ran around the painted room. A red haired girl in the picture scowled at him as he ran.

“You look like your Dad, but with your Mum’s eyes.” a third teen comments, this one was a boy with sandy blonde hair and golden eyes.

“Way to state the obvious Rem.” Called a girl in the picture with long brown hair and light blue green eyes.

“Oh shush, Cassandra. “The red haired girl comments turning her scowl on Cassandra.

“Onto a more important matter. Prongslet have you found the other maps?”another teenager a blonde haired boy asks curiously.

“Huh? What other maps?” Harry asked confused.

“Our sister maps.” a blonde haired girl says impatiently. The last member, amber haired girl smiles  “The Marauders show the light. The Assailants show the dark. The Scholars show the facts. The Magicians what lies unseen. Together they show everything in between. When all four houses stand as one the laws of nature shall be undone. When the Higher Order comes to play you shall see the endless shades of gray.”


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