Back to My Humble Beginnings

A.N. I was looking around in my documents and found some old poems from my humble beginnings. Take a peek, take a laugh, and enjoy. Recently, I was reading the hard copy of my Old and New poem. My Female Overlord wanted the digital copy to send to a friend. So, I used my blog to find the digital copy only to realize, they didn’t match!!!! And the digital one was worse!!! Here, is the old, and updated, Old and New poem.

Old and New (My First Poem)

I used to be an open book

full of many pictures

Now I’m a quiet library

packed with hidden novels

I used to be a simple melody

anyone could sing

Now I’m a complex symphony

composed of  many notes

I used to be wide meadow

Filled with brilliant sunshine

Now I’m a deep forest

Mixed with shadows and light

My Mind

In my mind there is a storm

Of stories and ideas waiting to be born

They fly around inside my head

They’re hard to catch so I”m quiet instead

I long to tell everyone what I think and feel

But even I don’t know if my feelings are real

Irony of Life

With one word my walls come crashing down

My well built defenses fall to the ground

One subtle insult and I’m left in shame

Angry and confused a pawn in your game

Left venerable and heart starts to break

Trying to stay calm, fail as hands shake

My red hair disarrayed, matted like kelp

Before I can stop my lips utter “help”

I dare to look up right in your blue eyes

I expect contempt but see only surprise

A tear falls offensively down my cheeks

Another thing wrong with my hectic week

I grimaced now, feeling naked and bare

You then ran a pale hand in bright blonde hair

Despite my quiet and feeble protests

You pulled me close; my head rests on your chest

Who knew I’d feel safe in enemy’s arms

Forever guarded from all who wish harm

After all these years of hatred and fear

After all this its you who dried my tear

All fights are lost with one gentle kiss

Engulfed by a moment of longed for bliss

Time flows and as to what’s around the next bend

We can deal with whatever Fate will send

And last but not least one I’ve written rather recently. (Though it looks better on Publisher)

My Mind 2

My mind is a jmubeld mess

Where thoughts and ideas flow….

I can’t pen them down

I can’t get them to s….l….o….w…

Lost in my own mind

No map could ever help me

Because my mind is more complex

Then a map could ever be


4 thoughts on “Back to My Humble Beginnings

  1. loved “irony of life”! good word choice and interesting story. are you still writing poems? cause you should, these are very good. 🙂

    1. The last poem was written a few months ago and is my most recent poem. I guess I should write more but I haven’t had the inspiration. I am also trying to find out where more of my old poems are. I used to have many more poems than these but I can’t seem to find them… I’ll keep looking though. 🙂

  2. You should post the one that ends with your female overlord yelling at you to turn the light off and go to bed!

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