True Story: Driving Lessons

Two days ago my Male Overlord decided to take me out for my long overdue, first driving lesson. The abandoned parking lot looked both inviting and foreboding.. My Male Overlord drove me to one parking spot before stepping out, opening the passenger door and beckoning me to take his place. Nervously, I slip into the drivers seat, my heart beating fast and my hands shake listening to the engine humming. “Ren, you use your right foot to step on the brakes and the gas.”

“Why don’t you use your left foot?”

“Your left foot is the stomping foot. Now, put the car in Reverse” I smile and nod at his words, my hands go on the wheel and my foot on the brake. I keep my foot on the brake to change gears. Actually, fun fact, did you know that the brake must be held down to change gears and keep the car still, if your foot leaves the brake your car rolls. I learned that the hard way.

“Why does the car keep moving backwards? I haven’t pressed the accelerate!”

“Your foots not on the brake, Ren”

“B-b-but I already pressed the brake once.” and here, my Male Overlord facepalms and explains to me the fun fact above.

“Oh, well that’s stupid.” I scowl but rest my foot on the brake anyways. I had already moved back far enough to put the car into drive and turn onto the parking lot road. I drove quite well.

“Ren, try accelerating.”

“O-o-oka-a-ay.” My foot carefully presses the accelerator and the car lurches forward. “Eeeeep!” my foot leaves the accelerator as fast as it pressed it.  “Uh…I’d rather not do that again.”

“You’ll have to learn at some point Ren.”

“But not today!” I say determinedly as I wrestle the wheel to turn another corner.

“Why do I have to turn the wheel so much, just to turn a corner?” I ask confused.

“You’re driving on the wrong side of the road, Ren! You’re not British.”

“Ooops.” It was then I realized that for the first half of my lesson, I had been driving on the left side of the road. The rest of the lesson, I’d notice if I was on the left side of the road but let my Male Overlord correct me, just to annoy him. All in all, may Florida’s streets beware, I have begun to drive!


2 thoughts on “True Story: Driving Lessons

  1. That sounds almost identical to my first driving lesson, except for the wrong side of the road. And consider yourself lucky… I started out in my neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon dodging little kids!

    1. That’s insane! I’m surprised, but extremely thankful, you didn’t hit anybody. My Male Overlord says I have to practice in the parking lot first before I try a neighborhood with other cars and kids.

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