Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl

Raechelle Muse glided forward, her magic reaching out to caress the magic of the gem before her. “Absolutely beautiful.” She whispered and her hand reached out to grab it.  A green hand stopped her, pushing her hand away. She glared into the cold black eyes of Head Goblin Ralcoth. He returned her glare unflinchingly. Another goblin used a dagger to slice her cheek; a single drop of blood fell on her favorite blue shirt. Her angry blue eyes turned to analyze the wielder of the offending weapon. It was as she thought, a young guard, he probably didn’t know who she was; let alone who her father was.

“Not so fast, foolish godling. We want our payment.”  Ralcoth, growled. “We had a deal.” Raechelle smirked, looking very much like her father, and held out her left hand. Hovering directly above her hand was a container, a container that defied all laws of physics and contained particles that shouldn’t be able to be contained.

“Your anti-matter, good sir,” Rachelle said with a sneer before throwing the anti-matter at the Ralcoth’s underling carelessly and snatched the crystal with her free hand. The young goblin dove, catching his prize before it hit the ground.

“The container is unbreakable” Raechelle laughed, “Well, nearly; it is spelled to only be broken by one weapon.”

“What weapon?” Ralcoth asked eyes narrowed. Raechelle’s blue eyes sparkled. She pulled out her staff, a gift from her father.

“This one” she laughed and a beam of light shot from the staff directly at the container. She walks away as the guard is annihilated by the antimatter.

A familiar voice is heard from the shadows, “Why did you kill him? You have the gem.”

“Why else Daddy? He ruined my shirt.” Rae grinned. “Besides, he underestimated me and thought he could walk away with both  anti-matter and gem. The Ark of the Muses should only be used by a Muse.” Inwardly she thought,  ‘the sheer power of this gem, and the knowledge it holds can amplify my own natural gifts, and coupled with the staff I’ve wielded since childhood, no one can stand in my way.’

“The Ark of the Muse, and an Asgardian staff.” her father smiles. “A fitting weapon. Of course, are you ready to wield it?”

“It’s mine, father. I am the daughter of Thalia Muse. It is my right.”

“Do not forget, you are also the daughter of Loki!” her father starts, but Raechelle interrupts.

“And as your daughter you’ll understand.” As she speaks, her form shimmers, and she’s gone.

“I have taught her well…maybe to0 well.  Jormungand! Fenrir! Slepnir! Find your sister! Raechelle refuses to return home, maybe you three can change her mind.”

The three brothers exchange looks and leave to fulfill their father’s task, and Loki is left alone. ‘Well done my daughter, but we shall see who shall wield that gem. This is not over yet.’


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. This is so good! The reason for annihilating Ralcoth is priceless. I didn’t know Loki was the father of a (semi)normal child… I love stuff like this 🙂

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