Meet little Zia

Authors Note: This is a very random little story roaming in my head, very little plot, very little story but funny and cute. I wrote it because this character Laurensia Johnson was begging for me to write about her but I didn’t know what in. Points to anyone who guesses the real name of the person Laurensia accosted.

“Hi! I’m Laurensia Johnson; I’m 6 years old and love sharks. Who are you?” Laurensia asked cheerily. The tall man looked down his hooked nose at her in annoyance an eyebrow raised.

“Haven’t your parents told you to never talk to strangers?” he asked.

“Nope, they know they’ll be able to kick your ass if you even think of harming me, besides I know you won’t.” She responded cheerily before demanding, “Now, answer my question!”

“Tobias Prince.” He responded.

“Liar, liar robes on fire!” she grins. He just scowls impressively. “Fine, you can pass. But your robes will catch on fire if you keep lying like that!”

‘Tobias’ sneers in disdain before offering a sarcastic “thank you” and continues on his way robes billowing behind him.

“How does he get his robes to do that?” Laurensia wonders before stopping the next person walking down the road.


4 thoughts on “Meet little Zia

  1. Tobias Prince! THE Tobias Prince? Awesome! Nice comment on the robes, too; I have some can’t can’t get them to billow to save my life! Nice work, Crystal! Can’t wait for more!

    1. Did you READ my authors note? Or when Laurensia called him out? It’s not Tobias Prince! There is no Tobias Prince. You lose points for not guessing who he REALLY is.

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