Inside by Ren Nolastname

Sometimes my mind is sleepy

And moves too slow

Or I’m stuck in one spot

Unable to go


Sometimes my mind is erratic

And moves as fast as can be

I’m jittery and confused

Lost in the mess that is me


Sometimes my mind is blank

And yet I can still talk

The words come easily

And my feet can still walk


Sometimes my mind is buzzing

With thoughts of sadness and fear

But the words I long to express

Stay hidden where none can hear


Sometimes my mind is dirty

Thinking what shouldn’t be thought

My mind down in the gutter

Deep in my sin I’m caught


Sometimes my mind is pure

A mind as clear as snow

I look around with wide eyes

My emotions plain to show


Sometimes my mind is cunning

I’m wily as a fox

Everything is simple

Thinking outside the box


Sometimes my mind is gullible

I believe what I am told

Becoming prone to group think

Easy for others to mold


Sometimes my mind is stubborn

I ignore what others say

My beliefs refuse to change

People should see my way


Sometimes my mind is open

To all the possibilities

With a little imagination

The world’s as fun as can be


Sometimes I can’t help but think

With all the things we hide

People are so complex

And bigger on the inside


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