Hey guys, specifically Ace, I.C., Empress, Queenie, and Moony. This is the first time I’ve re-blogged anything but it’s for a good reason. This is what we’ve been trying and failing to do. David explains the best way to go about YRAWC brilliantly. Though he doesn’t include writing, I still believe this is the guide we need. Read and comment please!

David's Place

This is unashamedly a “How to” post. How to form a “quality” book club or reading group. The adjective in this title is all important. It describes what kind of reading group you form. In my opinion, and since you have no possibility of redeeming wasted time, a quality book club is the only kind of reading group worth participating in.

Assuming that you value your time, this is the right post for you. Either it will confirm something you’re already doing right (that should make you feel good); or, it can prove helpful motivational to consider doing something worth your time and effort. Perhaps the information shared here will equip you to take that step you’ve been contemplating–planning the launch of a quality book club or reading group. So, where do we begin?

So, are you starting a group that you will lead? Or are you wanting something more democratic?…

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