Through the Rainbow

“Come on Percy, through the rainbow!” Angela Miles squealed.  Persephone Washington bit her lip thinking.

“That’s not exactly safe Angela.” She told her young passenger but she knew it was useless. Percy pushed a strand of brown hair out her face and looked over at the bright rainbow, only 500 feet away.

“That’s rich coming from you! Persephone “Nine-Lives” Washington, greatest trick flier of all time is worried about safety!” Her other passenger scoffed in annoyance. “You can do it, Perce, there’s nothin’ to it. It’ll be cool!”

“Oh, shut up Brayden! I’ve half a mind to let you off this plane right now.” Percy scowled, glaring at her friend through the rearview mirror.

“You wouldn’t,” Brayden said with an air of certainty.

“Oh, really? Don’t test me, Stevens.”

“You wouldn’t because you need me around. Otherwise you wouldn’t know,” Brayden said in a sing song voice before yelling, “We’re going through the rainbow!”

“Wooohoooo!” The passengers yelled while Percy’s soft green eyes widened in terror. The plane began to shake and rattle. “What’s going on?” Angela asked confused. Percy just shook her head too fearful to speak.

Percy gripped the controls with ghost-like knuckles. Her pale blue skin was almost white and a drop of red blood oozed from her badly bitten lip. The ship shook like a rattle in the hands of an angry baby and the high pitched screams of her passengers pierced Percy’s ears as she tried to land her ship. A park came into view; the field seemed large enough to land in. Percy pulled up, fighting gravity as she begged her plane to rise over the trees, and down into the field. She sent a quick prayer to Sris and hoped to survive.

Hours after the plane crashed, Percy woke up. Blinking drowsily she looked around her. “Where am I?” Then, the memories of the crash flashed through her mind. “Where are Brayden and Angela?”  A light groan to her left alerted her to another’s presence, and she instinctively turned to look.  There was Angela; battered and bruised, laying on a cot next to the cot she apparently vacated mere moments before.  Angela’s once unblemished skin showed signs of scarring, and her pale white wings were stained with blood. Her usually perfect black hair was in disarray, and her favorite blue outfit was torn. Percy bit her lip gently in worry, “Angela, Angel, wake up, kid” she called.

Angel stirred, her dark green eyes blinking open, “P…P…Percy?” she responded, anything else she would have said was drowned out by a coughing fit. Percy ran to her friend, bidding her to rest. The sound of a door opening startles them both. Two people walked in, one male, one female, one in a strange casual garb, the other in royal attire. With a shock, Percy recognized the female as the daughter of Loki and fell to one knee.

“Lady Muse, I am Persephone Elara Washington. My ship has crashed, and my friend is injured. My other friend is missing. I humbly ask for your help in both healing and returning home.”

Lady Muse looked upon Percy in interest, “I will help you and your friends, if you agree to work for me.”

“Agreed,” Percy said her eyes averted respectfully. She was anxious, wondering what Lady Muse wanted her to do.

The strangely clothed man scowled “You can’t do that Rae! You can’t force someone to work for you in exchange for your help.”

“I can do as I please, Lucas.”  Lady Muse said looking down her nose at him. Percy watched the exchange curiously. Few argued with Lady Muse and lived to tell the tale. Who was this…Lucas?

“It is fine, Lucas, Lady Muse is within her rights to ask for my service.” Percy assures Lucas, her tone carefully formal in an attempt to appease the goddess’s companion.

“It’s not right.” Lucas mutters. “I’ll be talking with Kalan about this.”

“You say that as if your brother has any control over me.” Lady Muse scoffed. “Come, I’ll take you to your other companion.” Percy and Angela followed Lady Muse, eager to see their friend. Neither were prepared for what they would find.


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