Lucas and the Aliens

Lucas and the Aliens

I picked my jaw up with a shake of the head and rubbed my eyes because I knew I must be seeing things. Or else, I’m dreaming. There was no way the blind kid could be shooting fire at us, and absolutely no way, Crazy Rae was shielding us with some sort of sparkly gem staff. And there was no way that I could be hiding behind Rae like a freakin’ damsel in distress! I’d been to the beginning of the universe, fought rampaging dinosaurs, and escaped an erupting volcano. I can handle one teenager with PTSD. Unfortunately, the teenager’s eruption brought me back to volcano day and I got the sneakin’ suspicion that flame brain isn’t human.

“Brayden, get control of your rage, or I will be forced to sedate you.” Rae’s voice left no room for argument. While part of me thought sedation was a bit extreme, I was inclined to let Rae take care of the situation. I hated this feeling of helplessness but I really would not stand a second against the living inferno in the other room.  The fire refused to let up. Rae whispered some words and the inferno was doused by an unseen water source; with a few more words the boy fell to the floor.

I looked anxiously at the sleeping inferno. “Are you sure he’s out?” I asked Rae.

“Do you really doubt the power of my staff, Lucas?”

“Honestly, I’m still trying to wake up.”

“If you doubt my power, why don’t you go check for yourself?”

Tentatively I walked over, and nudged the boy with my foot. “He’s out cold.” I proclaimed shocked before sinking onto his bed. I didn’t even attempt to stifle my groan as my head fell into my hands. “Okay, so this isn’t a dream. Where do you even get a magic staff?”

“My staff was custom made for me by a family friend.”

“Can he make me one?”

“Cer’en doesn’t make weapons for just anyone. Besides, you’re human. A mere human would be unable to wield a weapon such as this.”

“Human? I’ve never seen a human before! No wonder you look so strange!” The pointy eared girl exclaimed and I looked up remembering that there were more people than just Crazy Rae and I in the room.

“Speak for yourself, Smurf,” I snarked while I got a good look at our other two guests.  Smurf was tall with light blue skin, pointy ears, and green hair. Her small eyes were narrowed in anger but I could still see the purple irises. Her companion looked normal by comparison: long black hair, wide green eyes, lightly tanned skin, oh and huge battered wings coming out of her back.

“My name’s not Smurf, it’s Persephone. My friends call me Percy.”

“Sorry, Percy –“ I started before she interrupted me.

“My friends call me Percy. You may call me Persephone.”

I scowled at her before turning to the bird girl. “What’s your name?”

“Angela. Angela Leanne Miles.” Her voice was so quiet, I wasn’t sure I heard her right. Her name was so normal, she even looked normal, until you saw her wings. “You can call me Angel, if you’d like. My friends think it’s funny. An Angel, called Angel. Only I’m half Azelian Angel, and half Elrian Elf. So it’s not as funny as they think. Sorry, I’m babbling.” She ducked her head. She’s cute, I thought. Poor kid must be scared out of her wits. Then her words started registering.

“You’re an Angel?” I asked my eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

“Half.” She corrected quietly.

I turned to Persephone. “What are you then? Are you some sort of mutant smurf?”

“No, I have never heard of these….smurfs…I am half Dsornian Elf and half Air Elemental.”

I look warily over at Rae to see her smirking. My head fell back into my hands and I groaned. “I need a peppermint!!!”

But as I pulled out my mint, my mind was on Muse’s face, whenever she got that look on her face it meant my life was gonna get a whole lot messier.


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