Author’s Note: This is just an idea that the voices gave me as I sat alone in my house. Please comment. I really want to see what you all think.

Voices by Ren Nolastname

I always hate it when I start hearing voices. I don’t hear them all the time. It’s usually when I’m alone, and the house is quiet, that the voices speak. I can never understand what they’re saying. The sound is high and muffled, as if they’re speaking through a communicator, or running water. It’s garbled and gargled. It doesn’t make sense. There is more than one voice. At least two, maybe more. I don’t know for sure. It sounds like they’re talking. Discussing something important. I look behind me.  I think they’re watching me. I can’t be sure. There’s a shape on my wall, it looks like an eye. I swear the voices are real. They won’t leave me alone.


“Professor Yana, Subject 09-12-94-4236949 is showing signs of agitation.” The young nurse states peering through the glass at the sleeping girl. “Do you think it hears us?”

“Of course not. The virtual reality program is flawless. It is aware of nothing outside the reality we created for it.” The two scientists walk away, notepads in hand to discuss their programs. The little girl lies unaware their planning. Inside her room, she heaves a small sigh of relief; the voices are gone, for now.


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