My attempts at unrhyming poetry (Last one not included)

What is a Poem? by Ren

I long to write a poem

A poem without rhyme

Of course, I struggle

What is a poem?

What gives it form?

Must it flow like water?

Or crowd in a column?

Must it have pattern?

Or reason when it doesn’t rhyme?

Or is it just thoughts on paper

written for all to see?

No structure, just words

A reflection of me.


Forgotten by Ren

Little building on the corner,

worn and forgotten.

Little girl stumbles in,

worn and forgotten.

Like calls to like, children come,

worn and forgotten.

A King enters dressed in rags,

for the worn and forgotten.

He calls each by name,

names they’d forgotten.

“My beloved children, my people,

you are not forgotten!

I have come to make you new,

you’ll never be forgotten!”

Little girl runs into the arms of her Father

and she remembers.


Childish Wordplay by Ren

The sky is blue

The sky’s blue

This is sky blue

This guy’s blue

Eyes blue

I’m blue too


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