Stuck in the Gutter

The ball thundered down its slick wooden path, quickly passing the black arrows checkpoint and hurtling into its target. The white thin necked sentries guard its way but the sheer force of the ball sent the sentries tumbling down with a loud “Ka -BOOM!”

The girls cheered in unison “Whoo! Wow, Moony! That’s awesome! You hit all the pins!”

With a smug expression Moony explains to the other girls on how her ball was professional and fitted especially for her. She had saved up her money to buy it,  because she needed a good ball for her bowling league. The wonderful Ren interjects “Yeah, yeah, your ball’s shiny.” and proceeds to hurtle a somewhat less shiny ball onto the lane. The less shiny ball sped eagerly down the oiled path but as it neared the sentries their blank faces and bright red collars sent a shiver of fear through its hard shell. The ball curved fearfully into the gutters passing safely by the sentries and missing its target completely.

The other girls laughed and Ren grinned. “10th gutter in a row!” I think that’s a record!”

Moony’s head dropped dramatically into her open hand and she groaned. “You’re supposed to hit the pins! Gutters are bad!”

With all maturity Ren, stuck her tongue out at her friend and laughed. “I’m supposed to have fun! And laughing at my lack of skills is fun! And you can show off all your oil slick knowledge and high bowling average skills and have fun. ‘sides I hit the pins every once and a while. I shall improve one day! For now, I’m stuck in the gutter.”

Moony’s ball rolled it’s eyes in disdain, and Ren’s ball lived to be a coward again.


One thought on “Stuck in the Gutter

  1. Haha, I had forgotten about this! It was such a fun night, and I think you summed it up perfectly! “Yeah, yeah, your ball’s shiny.” I think you said those exact word after my lecture! 😀

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