White Noise #Who-knows-which

Language of facilities: “Amber Alert, take Oscar Wilde down Otis to Oscar Senior. I’m gonna take a walk with Tennant. These floors are a mess!”

Joke/Riddle: √-1 2^3 Σ π

Quotes of Excellence:

Princess: “I’ve poisoned all your tea bags with cyanide!”

Me (Taking a sip of my tea): “Thanks for telling me.”


Sir Printatank: “Get out of the way!!!!”

(Runs past being chased by a bush wielding a nerf gun)

Me (eyes wide): Was that a bush with a nerf gun?

Lucius: Yup

Me (muttering): Never anger shrubbery.


Midget: Have you quoted me on your blog?

Me (looking through my posts): Nope

Midget: But…I’m so quotable!


Midget (after getting her Stratego piece to the other side of the board): King me!

Me: I think you forgot what game you’re playing…


Denouncing Rumors: The Northerner and I are not dating.

Fun Fact: Gravity keeps one from falling off hills, Unless one is as skilled as I am.


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