Life (aka The Wisdom of a Fool aka Ren’s words to live by aka The thoughts that go through my mind)

Life is an adventure, and we all have a story to tell. If you look at life with an open mind and a little imagination, there’s fun around every corner.Whistle while you work, hum a merry tune. Dance with brooms, wage war with insects, venture into unknown worlds, turn colorful wrapping paper into lightsabers, and old newspapers into treasure maps, get into arguments with fictional characters, never take yourself too seriously, Life is a gift and its meant to be lived.

Never let your pride get in the way of learning something new, when something at school looks easy get it done first and best.

Never let your pride get in the way of friendships, after a fight, be the first to apologize, even if you were in the right, because when you are the first to bend, you’ll be the first to mend.

Pride causes us to look over our faults and raise ourselves up as the model human, but the problem is we’re just as broken as the rest of humanity. Pride causes us to scorn those other failures, because “if only they were like me they’d have everything together” be glad they’re not you. Then they’d be you and you’d be who? And you’d be more messed up then you are already.

“You’re more messed up than you think you are” – R.J. Smith

Remember, “you’re just the same as me, a big nobody!” – Ever After

When you’re feeling down, remember to smile, it may brighten someone else’s day.

When life hands you lemons, let me know, because I didn’t think life had hands!


(If you have words of wisdom or smart aleckness let me know in the comments, there will always be more for me to learn)



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