Reasons for Theft

1. “Hey, I really need a pencil right now…Tiger Cub isn’t using hers….hmm…”

2. Some people have the best reactions to being stolen from! 🙂 *cough* Lucius *cough* Moony *cough* 😉

3. Keeps people on their toes…Constant Vigilance!

4. Nonviolent way to express annoyance.

5. Stealing a hat or jacket (or cloak) lets you be hugged by a person without actually hugging them.

6.The hats really look good on me, I can’t resist the compliments I get. 🙂   ‘sides its amusing.

7. Hats are good at blocking everything out, so if I don’t have one of my own hats….

8, Sometimes you need to throw something (ball, stress penny, etc.) but would rather not throw something of your own……

9. When a weapon is left on the side, being unused, its safe to say it was meant to be borrowed. 🙂 (Swords and spears are cool!)

10. Sometimes, one really just needs to sword fight.


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