Joy follows Suffering

We have suffered
Lost in fear and tears
We have struggled to fall asleep
And struggled to get out of bed
As the thoughts turned in our heads
We have fallen into spirals
A cycle of negative thinking
Burdened by self hatred, sinking
We have been lost
Unable to see through the haze
We have struggled through the days
We have been tossed in storms
We have been without hope
Clinging to the end of a rope
Ready to let go

Don’t let go!
There is hope!
It won’t be easy,
It never is,
But there is hope!
Joy follows the suffering
And you don’t have to do anything
Just think!
All those voices in your head,
The ones that highlight your mistakes
With neon signs and flashing lights
Tell them to shut up
You’re not perfect. Neither am I.
But you’re not worthless. Neither am I.
We need to remember the good things.
We need to remember the joy.
Celebrate the little things.
Everyday, thank God for the good things in your life.
And pray for His help understanding the bad.
Pray for His forgiveness, and know you have it.
And forgive yourself. Please. You don’t need to be perfect.


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