Shameless Advertisement

Okay peoples, I have some advertisement to do.

If you like Harry Potter, please read the Dangerverse –  ( ) It’s an amazing fanfiction written by the wonderful Anne B Walsh aka whydoyouneedtoknow, and well worth the read. She has just completed her epic series and it was beautiful! 🙂 She’s crafted a beautiful world all her own, making her own characters off the ones we know and love and making them even more lovable. 🙂

I’d also advertise for the lovely Shawn L. Bird, whose blog you should follow. (Her poetry is absolutely beautiful!) She has an amazing command of the English language, and crafts beautiful poetry that one can  relate to and understand 🙂

And I’ll  advertise for Jim Butcher, whose books are absolutely amazing! 🙂 His worlds are well researched and well crafted, bringing to life believable (and enjoyable) characters and fascinating cultures. The thought he puts into his work is amazing, and well seen in the worlds he has created. 🙂

……I think I’ve fangirled enough for one day…but seriously, take by advice, these writers are well worth the read. 🙂


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