White Noise #Something or other

Denouncing Rumors: I am not turning into a vampire. Simply a college student.

Quotes of Awesomeness:

Me: Look Lucius! I have minions!

Artemis: I am NOT your minion!

Me: *grinning amusedly* Whatever you say Artemis.

Lucius: How many minions do you have anyways?

Me: Well, I have Artemis, Rogue, Barry, Donna, and Mira. Grant refuses to be my minion until I have better evil plans.

Kaya: *bends down to tie my shoe laces* Why don’t you tie your shoes?!

Me: Hmm…I have a friend back in Florida who used to do this too.

Barry: *walking out to see Kaya tieing my shoes* So…..is she your shoe tieing minion?

Kaya: *spluttering* No! I am not her minion! Don’t put ideas into her head!

Me: *thinking about it* This could be fun.

Kaya: Don’t make me throw you on the ground!

Me: Sorry Barry, I prefer to stay alive.


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