We are a Generation by Ren Nolastname

We are a Generation by Ren Nolastname

We are a generation built on sand

Shifting with the wind and tides

We are a generation of possibilities

Dismissing the idea of “truth”

Our minds are left wide open

Flooding with ideas and ideals

The waters blur the lines

Of “right” and “wrong”


Everything is relative


We are a generation of slaves

So addicted to freedom

We’ve forgotten what it means to be free

Slaves to our passions

We excuse every behavior

In favor of “happiness”

Each excuse drives us to ruin

“It makes me happy”


And that is all we need, right?


We are a generation of fighters

So addicted to equality

We’ve forgotten how to be equal

Instead we each seek to rule

In a world that has dismissed rules

For the chaos of relativity

Each one seeking to be the best

In the endless game of life


When did privileges become rights?


We are a generation of Narcissists

Lost in the depths of our mirrors

Drawn to our own self image

We walk around in a haze

Oblivious to the hopes and pains

Of those outside of our selves

Our heads up in the clouds

Where it’s safe and sound


We are all we care to know


We are a generation of seekers

Searching for some stability

In an ever changing world

Labeling ourselves and others

Only to watch the labels fall

As people change and grow

Or struggling to fit a label

That one has since outgrown


Nothing stays the same


We are a generation of Individuals

Striving for a community

With others like ourselves

We lost communication

In a static of defensiveness

Too stubborn to compromise

We drive ourselves to extremes

Fighting for our group’s survival


After all, no one likes to be wrong


We are a generation of weary wanderers

Never truly at home in our own skin

Never still for long

Always growing bored

Moving from place to place

Job to job, and major to major

Seeking ourselves in the things of this world

And finding nothing truly satisfies our need


Where could we go?


We are a generation of Pretenders

Trying to show how we love

Proclaiming this love out loud

On every social media

With nothing but empty words

Love has become a trend

Pity has become a show

We’re trying to fit in


Do we truly care?


We are a generation behind walls

Built by pain and fear

Craving the feeling of self worth

We cry out for attention

Out of self hate or self love

And no one truly hears

Our bubbles are made of steel

And nothing else is real


Will it ever change?


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