Heavenly Father by Ren Nolastname

Arrows of truth tipped with poisonous lies

The poison spreads into every fiber of my being

Until the truth and the lie seems to be indistinguishable

Now and again I notice “That, that is definitely a lie…where did that come from?”

And then I have to look inside myself and cringe

Begging, pleading that I didn’t have this sin plaguing my life

The doubt,

the fear,

the stupidity,

the weakness

All I wish, and all I ask is that I not be….human.

Then, I remember the Voice of Truth

I run to His Word

He sees me in my sin,

my doubt, my fear,

my stupidity, my weakness

And He loves me

He loved me first

He loved me best

And He continues to love me through it all

He accepts me as I am

But in His love, He desires that I be all I can be

He says I am His child not a slave

I am not a slave to my brokenness

My doubt, My fear

My stupidity, My weakness

I am His, and with time I will grow

I will grow to be like Him

Thank you God for making me Your child

Thank you for teaching me Your ways

For reminding me that I can forgive myself

And I can change, I can grow

And if I fall again, I can own up to my mistake

And forgive myself once more

And grow


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