Missie Mae

Missie Mae’s fluffy grey fur ruffled in the wind, soaking up the warm heat of the sun. Her blue collar sparkled in the light and her gold eyes gazed intently at the road. Her servants had the nerve to abandon her – for a week! They had supplied her with a poor replacement. If she was forced to look at one more dish of those disgusting pellets they called “dry food”, she’d run away and find new servants. She wouldn’t dare eat something so vile but her hunting skills had been severely weakened by the pampering of her servants. Still, the slowest rats were the plumpest and she had managed to do well enough this week. Yesterday, she had choked down a few pellets to fight off her starvation but finally, her servants would be returning. Suddenly! With a rattle and a groan and a putt putt putt her servants arrived! They climbed out of the rusty contraption called “the van” and one of her smaller servants ran out laughing. “Missie Mae! What’s up Missie Mae? Didja miss us?”

Missie pushed at her servant yapping “You fool! You left me to starve! How dare you leave me so long!”

An elder servant called out “Of course she missed us! So cute! Look at her rubbing up against your legs!” Missie Mae looked up ready to correct her servant’s foolish notions. She was not cute she was intimidating and angry but something stopped her short. Her servant held a long stringed pole in one hand, and a heavenly blue and white box in the other. He held a box of cooling. A box of cooling fish! Fish!

“Fish! Fish! Oh please give me the fish! I’m so hungry! Please! Please! Please!” Missie Mae demanded.

The elder servant laughed. “You hungry Missie? Here sweetheart” and he took a fish out of the holy box and tossed it in her direction. She leapt.

“Yes! Fish! Oh, glorious fish!” Missie Mae eagerly ate her fill. As she ate she thought contentedly “Maybe, just maybe, I won’t run away this time.”


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