I know there’s a certain oddness to my ranting about technology, information sharing technology in particular, while I am using one of the very things I am ranting against. But I AM frustrated with technology. Years ago, long before anyone living today was born, books and print were invented. These allowed us to record our thoughts to pass them on to the next generation and share information with people we hadn’t even met. An information sharing technology. More recently, the invention of phones, computers, and digital tablets are making information sharing easier. They make the sharing of music easier, the sharing of knowledge and entertainment easier, and being overwhelmed easier. I have made lists upon lists of books I want to read, movies and shows I want to watch, music I want to listen to, ¬†places I want to go, and things I want to do. These lists are impossible to complete because they seem to go on forever. The world has grown simultaneously so much smaller and so much larger than it was before. In a world of so much possibility, of so much ideas floating around, it’s hard to know what to think and what to do.We live in a world where anything seems possible. This should be a good thing, this is the freedom we all seek right? But, instead, I feel like I’m drowning. Like I can’t hear myself think or those around me speak. I feel my voice being drowned out by the billions upon billions of other voices floating around me. Voices of those long dead. and voices of those far away, and I can’t even hear those who sit right next to me! I doubt anyone will actually read this post. Besides maybe, my boyfriend and my parents. My voice is but one in this vast and endless sea. And it is a voice I don’t even know myself.


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